Start Online Reselling: 21 Best Ideas To Vouch For This Year

Start Online Reselling

Reselling is the act of selling products again for profit. The made-in-nation scheme in every country has boosted the reselling business, both online and offline. Online reselling is easy to start, as it doesn’t require significant financial investment and can be done with minimal resources.

Social media promotion tools can help gain attention and attract customers.

21 Best Trending Ideas To Start Online Reselling

how to start a reselling business online

Online reselling comes with a lot of benefits or advantages in the latest busy world scenario. Here are a few of them:

  • No new product creation is necessary for your business.
  • You have the freedom to resell products or services in any specific niche.
  • Starting a business can be initiated without any initial investment.
  • An inventory is not necessary.
  • The option to work from anywhere and anytime is available.
  • You can potentially earn a substantial commission.

Thus, it is clear that if you start online reselling businesses, you will be benefited in all possible ways.

Without much ado, let’s get into the 21 best ideas you can completely place your trust in.

1. Antiques

An antique dealer can collect furniture, china, glassware, and jewelry, reselling them at flea markets, thrift stores, or estate sales.

Success depends on finding a niche market and commanding high prices.

Starting small with a small inventory allows for growth, with the Banjara market in Gurugram being an excellent example.

2. Books

Reusing books is a great way to save time and money. Many people prefer visiting libraries or cafes for reading, and some even start an online reselling business to sell their old and reading books, as they are essentials that are not typically reread.

3. Clothing

Clothes are a necessity, and reselling them online can be profitable for as little as 20,000 rupees.

Utilizing social media effectively and a smartphone, good pictures, good suppliers, and a targeted audience can turn creativity into cash.

Bombay Closet Cleanse, a famous thrift store, earns significant profits.

4. Cosmetics

The cosmetics reselling business in the world offers high profit margins and can be sold both online and offline.

Online reselling generates more revenue due to product availability in different cities and states.

For example, a woman in Assam can easily purchase a product from your Pune-based business via various platforms, obtaining the perfect rate for the product.

5. Designer Handbags

Luxury handbags are a lucrative business model due to their high demand and standardized pricing structure.

To increase profits, offer refurbishing, customization, repair, cleaning, and restoration services, and include men’s products in fashion resale boutiques.

6. Domain

Consider starting an online reselling business by purchasing domain name for Rs 1,000 from domain registrars like Godaddy, and Bigrock, and keep it for at least two months before listing it for resale.

7. Entrepreneurial Consultant

Business brokers connect entrepreneurs with business owners to sell or buy businesses, assisting lawyers and accountants in paperwork and negotiation.

They earn income through consulting, listing, and commission fees. This business idea can generate significant profits.

8. Fine Art

The fine art resale business is suitable for art-savvy individuals who want to find high-priced resellable pieces.

To start, familiarize yourself with the art market and invest enough money.

As your experience grows, focus on expanding your art collection and reselling high-value items.

9. Home Decor

Specializing in selling home décor items, such as furniture, artwork, and rugs, can be a profitable reselling business idea.

Find items at thrift stores, garage sales, and online marketplaces, and resell them on eBay, Amazon, or other platforms.

Offering free shipping and returns on items in their original packaging can make the business stand out.

10. Jewelry

Starting a jewelry business can be done through direct sales companies or buying used jewelry from bazaars and thrift shops.

Staying updated on fashion trends and offering a variety of options is crucial for success in the jewelry industry.

11. Pet Supplies

Starting a reseller pet business offers a wide range of pet supplies, including toys, bathing supplies, rope, and bowls.

With the growing pet industry, wholesalers can address pet issues and profit from their products.

Utilize web-based social networking to disseminate and encourage customer sharing.

12. Real Estate

An estate sale company simplifies the process of selling abandoned belongings after a sudden move overseas or the estate owner’s death. 

This business concept combines product resale and service fees, charging service fees for garage sales, appraisals, and advertising.

In the market, valuable products can be sold at a higher price.

13. Reseller Distributor

Reselling involves becoming a distributor for a product line, working directly with manufacturers to resell their products in a specific market or region, and offering better negotiation and higher profit margins.

Successful reselling requires understanding local markets and customer preferences.

14. Resell Services

Reselling services can be a profitable business venture, such as becoming a booking agent for musicians, entertainers, or models, or establishing an agency to resell freelancer services like graphic design, web development, and SEO. This can result in substantial profits.

15. Sneakers

Shoes cater to various needs, and starting a shoe business can be a viable option.

Online businesses can earn profits, and reselling shoes from niche companies like Nike, Adidas, and Reebok can also be profitable.

Veg Nonveg, a well-known shoe reselling company in India, is a prime example of this concept, with many other companies following suit.

16. Software

Starting a software reselling business is a great way for new entrepreneurs to enter the tech industry.

This involves selling premium software at lower prices than retail stores, selling both physical and digital copies, and licensing rights.

Options include becoming an authorized software dealer or purchasing discontinued software programs for sale online or in-store.

17. Subscription Boxes

Vowed Box Co., a subscription box business, offers monthly subscriptions of snacks, beauty products, books, and DVD movies.

The business can charge more than the cost of purchase and shipping by including pre-existing boxes in its pricing.

The idea was sparked by the owner’s 2016 wedding, where she struggled with choosing gifts and returning items.

The business has grown steadily over the past six years, providing surprises to customers.

You can take up this idea for your profit.

18. Ticket

Reselling tickets online is a great business idea for reselling concerts, movies, or cricket matches at a good price.

However, some areas may consider it a black market business, causing potential issues.

19. Toys And Games

Focus on selling toys and games at thrift stores, garage sales, and online marketplaces to increase profitability.

Specialize in specific types like action figures, LEGO, or puzzles, and offer free shipping and returns.

Buy and sell brand-new items to increase profitability.

20. Vehicles

Starting a reseller business in the automotive industry offers high potential profit margins for those who enjoy cars.

This can be achieved through obtaining a dealer’s license, buying cheap cars at auction, refurbishing them, or reselling them at a higher price.

Consider niche markets like motorhomes, boats, and recreational vehicles to expand your business.

21. Vintage And Used Apparel

This business model involves purchasing wholesale clothing from vendors, designers, and manufacturers, adding a profit margin, and reselling it in a boutique, online store, or flea market. Profit margins range from 50% plus the retail price.

Other Trending Ideas You Can Give A Shot

The following are some of the other trending ideas you can start an online reselling business with:

  • Online Boutique
  • Activity Reselling
  • Imports & Exports Resale
  • Kitchen Utensils Resale
  • Refurbished Gadgets
  • Vintage Watch
  • Dropshipping

Crucial Tips To Start Online Reselling Business at a Lightning Speed

Here are some important tips to consider:

i) Choose The Appropriate Type Of Reselling Business

Resellers buy items to resell them for extra income.

Various online platforms offer reselling options.

Choosing the right business involves deciding on a reselling business, securing wholesale prices, and finding the best fit for your business.

ii) Identify The Market And Target Audience Of Your Company

Identify the market and target audience for your online reselling business, considering customer preferences, shipping methods, and shipping costs.

Selling art, handmade goods, books, thrift clothes, and photography are excellent online business ideas in the world.

iii) Identify The Industry In Which Your Company Will Operate

Understanding the industry and its specifics is crucial for an online reselling business.

Researching industries, market trends, and inflation can provide valuable information on pricing, customer service, and regulations, enabling effective marketing and business growth.

iv) Conduct Thorough Research On Your Competitors

Reduced competition in the market leads to increased profitability in new reselling businesses.

Researching competitors’ prices and identifying unique selling points can help differentiate your business from competitors.

Selling beauty and fashion products is a profitable online resale business.

v) Assess The Business’s Viability

To determine the viability of a reseller business, identify the right type, market trends, competitors, and product information.

Predict the business’s future and financial analysis, including website costs, product distribution, affiliate marketing, and advertising expenses.

Analyze the outcome and profit potential to prepare efficiently and find solutions in worst-case scenarios.

vi) Start Your Online Reseller Business Without A Second Thought

Launching a reselling business involves incorporating the company online, setting up a website, purchasing a domain name, or purchasing a domain on a free website.

After checking supplier availability, add all stocks to the website and begin selling.

This is an excellent way to launch an online business.

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Final Words

Starting a reselling business online is one of the best ways to start your journey.

You will need to understand your company’s product knowledge and market trends. It’s a good idea to understand all the legal aspects and licensing requirements before starting a reselling business.

It’s important to remember that even a little experience can help you. The reselling business can help you make more money and boost your profits.

We hope this article has helped you learn more about the reselling business.

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