Sell Your Skills Online: 21 Trending Things You Can Make & Sell

Sell Your Skills Online

The foundation of contemporary trade was established by the trade of fur and feed grains for salted fish, a wooden toy horse, and watermelon seeds that grew into fruit. Handmade goods are still produced by small businesses today, and they are sold online, in pop-up stores, craft fairs, and e-commerce sites. Sell your skills online offering handmade goods for sale is a fantastic starting business idea because it can be done from home and requires little startup funding.

Sell Your Skills Online: 21 Trendy Things You Can Sell Online

how to sell your skills online

You can inherit or acquire a lot of skills in your entire lifetime.

However, you can earn handsome money if you sell your skills to the right person at the right time and the right price.

Here are things you can start your journey with.

1. Art And Prints

Want to sell your skills online then Art can be a good option. Artists can now sell their creations directly to fans through creator tools and platforms.

This includes painting, digital printables, photography prints, sculpture, and textile art.

To succeed, work with an established gallery, have professional photography for product photos, and consider reproducing your art in multiple formats.

2. Bath Bombs And Handmade Soaps

Bath bombs and soaps are low-barrier crafts to create and sell, with online tutorials and commercial molds making assembly easy.

Start with simple recipes and keep inventory tight.

Ensure raw ingredients are beauty-grade and safe for the skin.

Check with the local government for health standards and prioritize packaging and branding for beauty brands.

3. Candles

The global candle market is expected to reach $16 billion by 2031, with various niches including religious, eco-friendly, and novelty.

DIY tutorials are available for beginners, and basic melt-and-pour methods require no craft skills.

To succeed, insure yourself, use safety labeling, target a niche, focus on branding and packaging, and consider offering customization for personalized gifts or favors.

4. Curated Gift And Subscription Boxes

A gift or subscription box business is ideal for those interested in making items to sell.

Assorted gift boxes are ideal, and subscription boxes are easy to ship.

To succeed, calculate storage and assembly needs, offer discounts or free months, use a subscription management app, and partner with other makers to provide curated gift items.

5. Digital Products

When you sell your skills online then digital products like font licenses, templates, webinars, and Photoshop actions offer low overhead costs and eliminate physical inventory and shipping.

To maximize success, choose a delivery method like Digital Downloads and host files on Shopify with 5 gigabytes or less size.

6. DIY Tutorials And Online Courses

Spread handmade joy by creating and selling online courses, and offering free videos or short DIY tutorials.

Offer skills in sewing, soap making, or woodworking as on-demand video or live classes.

Build authority and audience before selling content. Consider adding value to free tutorials, such as downloadable templates or office hours for chat.

7. Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are a profitable business idea due to the strong accessory trend.

You can design your own pins using software like Canva or Photoshop, stick to solid colors, and research manufacturers before committing.

Ask questions about clasp, material, samples, and packaging options.

8. Fragrance And Essential Oil Blends

By selling essential oil you can sell your skills online. Essential oil blends are a simple way to create unique scents and aromatherapy experiences.

Experiment with skin-care-grade oils and research their properties for accurate customer information.

Success in the fragrance industry depends on packaging and branding, so don’t rush this step.

Consider working with a white-label manufacturer to expand your line into body care products.

9. Jewelry

Jewelry making is a versatile business idea that can range from simple to specialized.

To succeed, focus on solid branding and craftsmanship. Track trends in jewelry using Google Trends and follow fashion influencers.

Invest in professional photography and partner with complementary brands to save on lifestyle shoots. This DIY craft business appeals to makers of all ages.

10. Lip Balm And Cosmetics

Lip balm can be made using simple beeswax and natural oils, and sell your skills online requiring minimal equipment.

To scale your business, research ingredients, understand labeling laws, and maintain a tight inventory to avoid spoilage.

Scaling your business may require working with an experienced manufacturer or white-label producer.

Remember to research ingredients, understand labeling laws, and maintain a good supply.

11. Music

Starting a music business in the age of e-commerce and TikTok offers numerous advantages, including a lack of reliance on major record deals.

Opportunities include making and selling stock music, music lessons, song licenses, and band merch from home.

To succeed, focus on brand storytelling, collaborations with other artists, and a dedicated website.

Building a following on multiple platforms is also crucial.

12. Paper Products

If you want to sell your skills online then building a DIY craft business with paper can be vast, with various projects like paper flowers, papier mache sculpture, greeting cards, stickers, and party décor.

Experiment with varied projects to discover your niche. Scale your business by considering commercial printing and plan collections and products around holidays, seasons, and other occasions.

Consider experimenting with different projects to discover your niche.

13. Pet Supplies

The global pet-related business market is expected to reach $232 billion by 2030. Homemade dog treats, catnip toys, and pet collars can be easily made and sold from home.

To promote your business, use your pets as free models and research ingredients and safety measures for ingested items.

Consider using lifestyle photos to help pet owners visualize the item’s fit.

Additionally, consider appropriate labels and warnings to protect yourself legally.

14. Photography

Photography can be sold online by anyone, from professional photographers to hobbyists.

This can be the best way to sell your skills online, You can sell prints, license images, or even hire yourself.

To sell photos online, consider release forms, and permits for specific locations, create packages for product photography services, and use free photo-editing apps.

This will help you attract potential clients and make your work more affordable.

Remember to consider release forms and permits when launching your photography business.

15. Pottery And Clay Objects

Pottery requires skill and equipment, but alternative materials like air clay, polymer clay, or poured concrete can be used for similar products.

Clay alternatives can be used to create planters, sculptures, ornaments, jewelry, magnets, containers, and coasters.

For future entrepreneurs, safe clay alternatives can serve as the basis for many business ideas for kids.

Check out local ceramics programs for knowledge and shared studio space.

16. Sauces And Condiments

Cooking enthusiasts can start a restaurant by selling small, non-perishable food items online, such as oils, spices, and hot sauces.

Start at local markets and expand with an online store once the packaging is shelf-stable and shippable.

Follow strict government regulations for food production and packaging.

17. Sweets

Sell your skills online by selling sugar-based sweets that you can make and sell online or in person, catering to niche markets like holidays, novelty, catering, pet treats, and gift baskets.

To start a sweets business, trace the supply chain, select raw ingredient suppliers, consult with a lawyer or food inspection agency, rotate inventory, and consider online selling.

Local craft fairs are ideal testing grounds.

Consider legalities, labeling, and shelf life when launching a new sweets business.

18. Tote Bags

Tote bags can be created with minimal hands-on work, like t-shirts.

Users can upload designs to print-on-demand apps, or create them from scratch using canvas, reclaimed materials, or leather.

Craft techniques like screen printing, felting, or applique can be added for a unique touch.

Totes are ideal for art, offering a low-cost way for fans to purchase wearable reproductions.

They can also be used as promotional merch for businesses.

19. Traditional Handcrafted Products

While making Traditional crafts like leather tooling, wood carving, and embroidery you can sell your skills online and gain popularity due to mass production backlash.

Slow food, unique goods, and artistic craftsmanship are emerging. Learn new trades through online tutorials or local college workshops.

Keep the maker’s story in product pages and packaging. Scale up production by hiring contract makers or outsourcing parts.

Consult Google Trends for high-demand skills.

20. T-Shirts And Printed Merchandise

A t-shirt business offers a hands-off product to create and sell digital designs on various goods like mugs, tote bags, and keychains.

For a handmade feel, consider screen printing. T-shirts can supplement existing businesses like gyms, musicians, and charities.

Use services like Shopify Experts to find talent and use print and fulfillment apps like Printful, Lulu Express, Gooten, or Teelaunch.

21. Woodworking Projects

Woodworking is a popular hobby that can also be a viable business opportunity. You can sell your skills online however, it requires specialized equipment and high startup costs.

Before investing, take a class to learn the basics. Specialize in bespoke items like furniture or affordable templated pieces. Pricing should reflect effort and skill.

Document the process to attract potential buyers. Woodworking products include cutting boards, salt shakers, boats, ornaments, planters, furniture, and toys.

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Bottom Line

The possibilities are endless when you want to sell your skills online when it comes to generating income from handcrafted goods that you can sell online.

Strike a balance between your passion, market demand, and your current skill set when choosing a business idea. 

Initiated enterprises serve as an ideal launching pad for prospective business owners. Before taking the big step, start with a side gig to gain experience.

You’ll be able to choose your work schedule, make extra cash, and experience the emotional fulfillment that comes from creating your dream from scratch.

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