Become A Virtual Language Translator: 21 Platforms To Take Advantage

Become A Virtual Language Translator

If you speak another language well, you might be able to find translation jobs that you can do from home! I did the research and came up with a list of 21 acceptable options today that will help you become a virtual language translator.

The majority of these opportunities are available to people in multiple countries or throughout the world, which will excite those of you who live outside of the US!

21 Platforms That Help You Become A Virtual Language Translator And Let You Make Money Online

virtual language translator

Freelance translation jobs from home are common and flexible, making them ideal for remote workers with tight schedules.

These jobs typically involve individual assignments, paid per word, with deadlines, and the flexibility to work when needed.

Check out these 21 options and choose those that suit best of your preference best!

1. Acclaro

Acclaro is a major international translation provider. To translate a wide range of languages, they are seeking candidates with a university degree and at least three years of professional experience.

Pay is not revealed.

2. American Journal Experts

The site is accessible everywhere. The length of the paper and the turnaround time affect compensation. Languages differ according to their requirements.

You must be proficient in both the target language and English reading and writing, in addition to possessing technical knowledge in academic fields, to be hired as an AJE Translator. Working in a foreign language environment is a huge plus.

At AJE, you create your schedule.

3. Andovar

Andover is hiring independent editors and translators on a contract basis. Relevant experience is required.

Given that they do have offices worldwide, it looks like this is available to everyone. Your pay rate will vary based on the particular role.

3. Day Translations

Day Translations regularly seeks qualified translators in all language pairs with experience.

Translations of books, business paperwork, signs, employee handbooks, medical reports, emails, and websites will all be part of the task.

Although the pay rate is not specified and Glassdoor salary reports differ, it appears that the great majority of translators earn more than $15 per hour.

4. Gengo

Maybe Gengo is available everywhere. They are a well-known platform for independent translators with lax acceptance standards.

All you have to do is take their two-part translation test after creating a free account.

Depending on the type of work you’re doing, they will pay you via Payoneer or Paypal.

Twice a month is when they pay.

5. Interpreters and Translators, Inc.

Freelancers in interpretation and translation are always needed by Interpreters and Translators. accessible everywhere.

A minimum of two years of documented translation experience, native proficiency in the target language, familiarity with MS Office and CAT tools, a strong command of the English language, and prior work experience in one or more of the required areas of expertise—such as government, law, healthcare, manufacturing, or technology—are requirements for becoming a qualified translator.

No pay rate is mentioned.

6. Language Line

Language Line regularly hires multilingual home-based interpreters and translators.

The majority of the contract jobs they have listed are for interpreters. There are very few translation jobs available for them, and the ones that require at least five years of experience translating professionally.

Although the rate of pay isn’t stated, Indeed suggests it might be around $13.92 per hour.

7. Language Scientific

There are occasionally openings at Language Scientific for technical and medical translators.

In addition to a degree in engineering, computer science, medicine, or the biological sciences, you must have seven years of experience working as a professional translator to be eligible.

8. Languages Unlimited

Languages Unlimited is always in need of independent interpreters and translators. Making a profile and adding your personal information, such as your language pairs, is all that is required to sign up.

For a wide variety of language varieties, they require linguists.

9. Linguistic Systems

A bachelor’s degree from an authorized university, familiarity with translation software, and at least two years of translation or interpreting experience are requirements for employment as a translator for Linguistic Systems.

Although applicants from the northeast US are given preference for employment, you may still apply.

10. Multilingual Connections

Their independent linguists choose which projects to take on, work from home, and receive project-based compensation. They work independently as well.

There are typically positions available on Multilingual Connections for interpreters, transcribers, and translators.

11. Proz

Proz is a great resource for finding virtual language translator jobs, even though it doesn’t seem like they are offering them themselves. It functions essentially as a massive job board for translation and related jobs.

12. Responsive Translation

Now and then, they are looking for contract linguists for different freelance jobs.

The website provides an email address where you can send your resume, and it says that you will be contacted if there is a project that they believe you would be a good fit for.

The possession of a college degree is required.

13. Rev

Remote translators can apply for positions at Rev, a company best known for its work-from-home transcription opportunities.

You can choose which projects you want to work on, set your hours, and receive weekly PayPal payments with Rev.

The application does ask you to describe your prior translation experience, but it does not specify what particular experience you need.

14. Smartling

There is a constant need for at-home translators in Smartling. They describe the pay as “competitive,” but they don’t say how much they pay.

Applying is simple and is done through Google Forms.

15. Stepes

This freelance translator marketplace appears to be relatively new.

For a large range of languages, there are numerous jobs available.

As you receive clients, you will be matched with them according to your talent and ratings.

You can also take your earnings out of Stepes and get paid whenever you want.

You can also work from your smartphone!

Right now, Stripe and PayPal are the available payment methods.

16. Textmaster

Professionals and semi-professionals are welcome to translate for Textmaster.

After the work is finished, payments are made via Payoneer or Paypal within a week or two.


This company’s registration procedure is quite simple. Simply register and take the translation test after that.

You are free to work as much as you like and take any time to cash out your profits.

By the way, is paid.

18. TransPerfect

On their hiring page, TransPerfect does not list many remote translation jobs. Still, you are a freelancer for them.

There are also times when Transperfect needs interpreters.

19. Ubiqus

Interpreters and translators working from home are always needed by Ubiqus. They are hiring in both the US and Canada.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much more information available on their website.

20. World Lingo

Freelance translators who can work from home are always needed by World Lingo.

For consideration as a “generalist” or “specialist,” you must have two to five years of relevant work experience in translation.

21. Final Thoughts

The websites discussed here are just some of the many websites that pay you when you become a virtual language translator and associate with them.

Translators typically earn around $49K per year, depending on the company and the type of work. The best-paying translation gigs come from various freelance markets, while others require extensive experience and education.

Translators often start at lower pay levels and work their way up over time through on-the-job experience or formal language certifications.

Qualifications for translators include fluency in at least one foreign language, understanding of the source language’s culture, and good writing skills in their native language.

These bilingual positions are sought by entry-level and experienced translators.

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